Repairs, Setups, Restrings, and more!

Jeremy Epp

One of our awesome SMI instructors and guitarist of The Watchers and The Venting Machine, Jeremy started at the counter in 1997 and transitioned over to repairs in the last 5 years. He started out doing restrings and setups, but has become our go-to guy for minor electronics repairs and general setups and Floyd Rose setups.


Kelly Murphy

Kelly is a particularly cool dude with a love for acoustics - when he's not repairing guitars, he's taking on his own uke and guitar projects. He has been doing work on guitars for years here at Showcase, and is especially experienced when it comes to more involved setups and fret work.


In addition to restrings, setups, and minor electronic work, we also offer a wide range of off-menu repairs and mods. Every guitar is unique, and thus every case is unique. If you don't see a service you'd like done listed or priced below, please contact us or bring the instrument by for evaluation!

Our Standard Rates

Electric guitar being cleaned on guitar bench.


Quick polish and tune

Steel/Electric - $40

Nylon - $45

12-String - $50

Hand playing an electric guitar.


Restring, truss rod, intonation, file nut, adjust trem, etc.

Electric - $75 - $95

Acoustic - $75 - $95

Setup/Restring Locking Trem

Restring and setup to adjust trem, required for Floyd restrings


Minor Electronics

Simple pickup swap, resolder wires, etc.