Diamond Cornerstone Overdrive (CST-1)

Diamond Cornerstone Overdrive
Model# CST-1

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Price: $299.00

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Introducing the Cornerstone – a new ‘variable personality’ drive from Diamond Pedals. Capable of low gain grit to touch sensitive crunch to searing leads, its multiple unique discrete gain stages with distributed dual gain controls allows the user to dial in a wide range of harmonically complex distortion tones. The dual gain controls allows the user to independently yet interactively overdrive two of the unique gain stages in the drive chain, which coupled with a midrange cut/boost control and treble ‘profile’ switch make for limitless tonal ‘personalities’. And even with this much flexibility, a simple control layout with usable ranges across the board make finding any particular personality just a matter of seconds…

Gain 1: similar to a ‘preamp’ gain stage

Gain 2: similar to ‘power tube’ saturation, with wider range

Mids: midrange cut/boost control

Bright (BRT) switch: a treble contour switch, useful when switching between single coil and humbucker pickup guitars


  • Multiple discrete gain stages with two gain controls
  • Midrange cut/boost
  • High frequency contour switch
  • Small footprint with top mounted jacks
  • Multiple discrete gain stages with two gain controls
  • True bypass switching
  • premium audio components
  • standard 9V negative tip adapter ready, with ‘gig backup’ battery power life of 2 hours


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