Todd Sandigo

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Instruments: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Theory

Specialties: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Music Production

Approach: Todd's teaching approach revolves around getting new students to make music as soon as possible even with the most basic skills to build confidence and ensure a continued interest in learning. Emphasizing the internalization of the physical aspects of playing through repetition and progressive exercises customized to the individual. Practicing very slowly, learning to use a metronome, shorter but more frequent practice sessions, and plenty time for free play are some of the concepts at the core of my teaching style. His strong communication skills are used to dispel any mystery in the instrument, how it works, and making music with it. No matter the skill level of the student there is always something new to learn or a new way to approach the instrument.

Bio: Todd has been studying music for 30 years, performing for 20 years, and have taught private lessons to students of varying ages. I studied music theory and performance at Foothill College for two years and jazz composition at Berklee College of Music for another two years.

Todd teaches and performs a variety of styles including rock/pop, jazz, country, and classical as well as compose and improvise in a variety of settings. He performs original music in venues throughout the Bay Area. He has also led and booked a jazz trio performing a wide variety of venus from restaurants to corporate events.

Todd also has extensive knowledge of the equipment used with electric guitars including amplifiers and effects, as well as the ability to teach instrument maintenance and modifications. He also has extensive experience with music production technology including equipment, DAW software, and recording techniques and is well versed in synthesizers and sound design.