Jeff Mayer


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Instruments: Guitar

Specialties: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop

Approach: Jeff focuses on technique from the very beginning. Using diagrams and tablature, he works to get the student playing something familiar within the first month or two of lessons. From there he uses the “Hal Leonard Guitar Method” to teach reading and theory. He also continues to introduce popular songs using tablature and notation. He has created a wide variety of songs and diagrams for quick printing from the computer that featuer many popular styles and genres.

Bio: Jeff has been playing guitar for approximately 52 years with over 42 years of professional experience. He Plays all styles of popular music in a variety of bands, orchestras, productions and recording sessions.

Jeff has always been a student of the guitar, starting early on with lessons from local teachers and progressing on with more advanced seminars in theory. His love of Jazz has enabled not only a deeper understanding of theory, but has enhanced his ability to actually explain it to his students. He also has decades of practical experience to impart from live and studio performances.

Currently, when not teaching, Jeff performs with two well know local bands: The Garage Band, a popular Festival, Wedding and Private Party Band. And the T. Clemente Band, an all orginal rock band. He also works closely with Robert Berry and Thom Duell on a variety for Projects at Soundteck Studios and as well as many other recording studios in the area.

Credits: Here is a partial list of people and groups that Jeff has either played with directly or shared the stage with: Bo Diddley, Lady Bo, Lyle Workman- Beck, Sting, Lydia Pense-Cold Blood, Danny Hull- Doobie Bros., Clifford Coulter, Tony Bennett, Chris Caswell-Paul Williams, Waylon Jennings, Fred McCarty, Larry Tagg, Brent Beourgois, David Lauser-Sammy Hagar, T Clemente and many more.