Rick Silvestri

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Rick Silvestri

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Instruments: Guitar, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Ukulele, Electronic Media

Bio: Rick is a longtime and sought-after guitar and bass, and ukulele instructor in San Jose with nearly twenty years’ worth of teaching experience, and nearly twenty-five years of live music performance experience.

Rick teaches all levels of guitar, upright and electric bass, and ukulele. He specializes in jazz, blues, rock, and classical, and he uses that background to teach and perform all styles of music. Rick has extensive experience with Propellerhead Software’s Reason, Record, and ReCycle programs, having written MIDI sequences for sample series – most recently for their Electric Bass ReFill.

He has performed live instrumental and DJ sets with Ableton Live, and is also eager to share his knowledge of recording programs, including Avid’s Pro Tools and Apple’s Logic Pro. Rick has been teaching full-time since 1997. He has performed with several premier Northern California jazz, rock, and blues bands as well as in local orchestras. Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts from Santa Clara University. Rick is also a guru at broadbandguitar.com.