Workshop Schedules

Current SMI Workshop Levels:

* LEVEL 1: Beginning

* LEVEL 2: Beginning to Intermediate

* LEVEL 3: Intermediate to Advanced

* LEVEL 4: Advanced

Regardless of where you are in your studies, you will always find SMI workshops in which you will feel comfortable attending or participating. Students are welcome to attend any workshop offered by SMI.

The following is a list of general music workshops which we at SMI feel every student should consider attending to accelerate musical growth:

* Reading Music, Parts 1 & 2: Levels, 1 - 4

* Music Fundamentals, Parts I & 2: Levels I & 2

* Latin Percussion: Levels 2 & 3 (when offered)

Workshops labeled "Levels I thru 4" are of value to students of all levels. Beginning students may attend any level of SMI workshop on a drop-in basis. If you are a beginning student attending a workshop and wish to observe but not participate, please let the instructor know. SMI plans to add more workshops for all levels periodically.

SMI welcomes any particular interests or suggestions for workshops. If you need information or assistance with a new program, discuss it with your SMI instructor or an SMI Coordinator. We're here to help and we welcome your input regarding any programs.

Varied Level Workshops: Should I Attend?

We would like to encourage all beginner students to attend SMI workshops that sound interesting regardless of workshop level.

The SMI workshops are your opportunity to observe and listen to others who at some time have been down the some road which you're on now.

Don't feel just because you're a beginner that you can't attend an advanced workshop. We are happy whenever beginners attend workshops and having been beginners once ourselves we understand how it feels starting out. Higher level workshops are a great source of inspiration.

"One of my favorite personal activities is going to a concert and observing a great musician in action. Sometimes at these concerts a musician will verbally share some insight into the creative process with the audience. This plants a seed of thought in to my head and fires me up creatively for an extended period of time. At SMI higher level workshops, you have an opportunity to experience that same kind of personal inspiration and creative motivation".

-John Epp, SMI Instructor & Workshop Facilitator

Workshops are FREE to students enrolled in private lessons and cost $20 each to all others.

For more information you can call: 408-377-5864