Vintage Gear

Beginning in 1965, Guitar Showcase started selling Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch Guitars, many of which became highly prized Vintage Collectibles over the last 50 years. We’ve always had a number of older Guitars available, and in 1993, we built the Vintage Vault at Guitar Showcase to showcase a few hundred of these Historic Guitar Treasures. Guitar fans can come by Guitar Showcase any day during open hours and enjoy this museum for free.

Some guitars on rotating display include a 19th century Martin guitar complete in coffin case, a chronological lineup of Strats and Teles from going back to the 1950s, a “trestle braced” Chet Atkins Gretsch, a limited-edition hand-signed Jimmy Page Les Paul, custom one-off guitars from renowned luthiers, rare basses, and original Fender Tweed Amps, to name just a few.

In addition, in another room we have 50 additional “Blast from the Past” Guitars that were of lesser value, but most likely will include your first “beginner” Guitar. Brands like Sivertone, Teisco, Eko, Airline, Hofner, Wellson, and many others that played an important part in the development of many musicians budding careers. Many are just for display, some are for sale, and all are true treasures from a bygone era.

If an instrument has been significant in guitar history – even if you may not have heard of it – it is almost certainly included in the Guitar Showcase Vintage Vault Collection. Do yourself a favor and come by the shop to have a look! You’ll see Guitars and Amps in person that may have previously only seen pictures of... and sometimes, you can even play one!

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