Private Lessons


Private lessons involve 3 private 1/2 hour lessons a month plus access to any or ALL of the more than two dozen workshops we offer each month.

Lessons and workshops are both conducted by our experienced teaching staff of professional musicians. These cover many different aspects of music theory and performance including actual performing situations for the student with an experienced backup band. For information on the various workshops offered see the Workshop Calender

Any further questions please contact Guitar Showcase:

Phone: (408) 377-5864
Fax: (408) 377-3701


Private Instruction (all instruments)

$140-$165 / month due on or before the first of the month
Three 30 minute lessons plus any or all workshops! We also have lesson programs with two to four lessons per month.

Vocal Instruction

$140 - $240 / month
three 30 minute lessons + workshops or four 30 minute lessons as arranged with the teacher.

Payment Methods & Policies:

Automatic Billing

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
We strongly recommend "Automatic Billing". This authorizes SMI to charge your credit card once a month to cover tuition for that month. This is usually done the first week of the month.

In Person

All in-person payments are made in the main store at Guitar Showcase and all checks are to be made payable to Guitar Showcase.

By Check, Bill Pay, On-line, Mail

Be sure to mail that check before the 22nd of the previous month. As of April 22nd, 2016 we no longer accept payment over the phone.

Late fees & Tuition

All payments received after the 5th of the month WILL BE accessed a $10 late fee.

It is your responsibility that your tuition is paid on time. Tuition is based on scheduled lessons, not lessons taken!

Student Policies:

Cancellations & Make-up

Please notify us A.S.A.P. if you need to cancel a lesson. We require a 24 hour notice in order for you to qualify for a make up lesson. We understand that illness and unforeseen circumstances do occasionally occur. We are more that willing to work with you on such matters. We will re-schedule the missed lesson at a time that works for both the student and the teacher.

If you miss your re-scheduled lesson, it is forfeit.
Cancellations are made by leaving a message on the teachers voice mail, OR, by email.

Sometimes, it is necessary for the teacher to cancel a lesson. In that case, you will be notified A.S.A.P. by either phone and/or e-mail, and you WILL BE re-scheduled for a make up.

Schedules and Punctuality

Each student is assigned a date and a time for their private lesson. That assignment is yours for the duration of your stay with SMI unless arrangements are made to change it. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to arrive on time. Any tardiness will reduce your lesson time. Remember, there are other students waiting for their scheduled time.


If you must discontinue your lessons, you MUST notify the SMI OFFICE, as well as your teacher IN WRITING or via Email at We ask you to do this by the 25th of your final month or sooner. IF you do not follow this procedure, you WILL be responsible for payment for that month. Remember, if he doesn't know you are not coming, your teacher will be sitting in his studio waiting for you!