Free Lesson Certificate Holders

If you received a certificate for a free month of group lessons after buying a guitar, you can apply that certificate to any month of your lessons. If you use it for the initial month, you may continue with group lessons for $85/month if you wish. You *can* also use one Certificate for each Major level of group lessons (1, 1b, 2 or 3). So if you continue to upgrade your guitars, you can continue to get free lessons. These certificates are also 100% transferable to someone whom you feel would benefit from the lessons.

Scheduling and Availability

Schedules for each month are determined during the last week of the previous month (i.e. August schedule is determined during the last week of July.) Students are assigned in order of sign up - first come, first served. Signups take place the first three weeks of the month preceding the month you take the lessons.

All potential students are asked to provide their availability in terms of the times that they could come to class from the following possibilities: Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 3pm Classes begin on each hour and last fifty minutes. Once students are assigned to a day/time they will keep that assignment for the entire month (i.e. 'every Tuesday at 5 PM.)

Please let us know all the times you could possibly attend from the aforementioned times; the more flexible your schedule, the more likely you will be assigned for the coming month. Make sure, however, that you are definitely available at the times you indicate.

Sign Up

If you would like to be assigned to a class, SMI must receive the following information by the 22nd of the preceding month:

your name, (and Parents name if student is a minor)
your phone number(s) (home, work and/or cell)
street address (apt #), city and zip code
your Email address
your level (1, 1b, 2, 3, 7-9 years old)
your age (minimum is 7)
your availability (see above)
your instrument (guitar, or bass)
email this information to smi@guitarshowcase.com, or call Dave Zimmerman at (408) 377-5864 or, fax SMI at (408) 377-3701. If you have any questions, please call Dave Zimmerman.

Schedule Notification

New schedules will be emailed by the 26th of the preceding month. If you DO NOT receive the email it is very important to CALL before the last day of the month! You can  call Dave Zimmerman at (408) 559-0882.

Age Requirements

We offer group lessons for both 7 to 9 year old's, and 10 and above.

General Monthly Class Schedule

Classes normally start during the first week of each month and occur thereafter on the designated day and time each week. If there are five occurrences of the designated class day in any month, the fifth will not be a lesson day, unless other notice is given by the instructor.

Mid-month admissions to any class are not permitted, except by special permission from the instructor.

Prorates and Make-Up Lessons

There will be no prorates for missed lessons, and there are no guaranteed make-up lessons given. If you know in advance that you are going to miss a class, contact the lesson lesson coordinator at (408) 377-5864 to find out if there is another class at your level that meets at a time you could attend. Again, there is NO GUARANTEE of any make-up lessons being provided, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Continuing/Stopping Lessons

If you are using a free lesson certificate, it is assumed that you WILL BE attending group classes after the first month. Continuing students need to make their $85.00 payment by the first of the month either at Guitar Showcase or online using our online payment method.

If you have decided to stop lessons, YOU MUST NOTIFY SMI IN WRITING or by sending an Email to the lesson coordinator BY THE 22ND OF YOUR FINAL MONTH.

Students wishing to continue your group lessons; if your availability has changed (including potential class times other than that to which you are currently assigned) please let lesson coordinator know by the 22nd of the month or by notifying the instructor at the end of the third lesson.

NOTE: The lesson day and time MAY CHANGE from month to month. Please confirm with the lesson coordinator that the new day and time will work for you.


The monthly rate for group lessons is $85, and is due on or before the first lesson of each month. Please make checks out to Guitar Showcase. You may pay at the store, or use our online payment method. After the first lesson of the month you must pay at the store and a $10 late fee will be assessed.

Any further questions please contact the SMI coordinator:

Dave ZImmerman:
(408) 377-5864
Fax (408) 377-3701
Email: smi@guitarshowcase.com