Group Class Information

Did you get a certificate for a month of free lessons? Are you looking for a fun way to learn with other people of similar playing abilities? Then you've found the right page for more information!

Bass / Ukulele Lessons

Tim Allen currently offers group lessons for the Bass and Ukulele for students of any level. Please fill out this information form and Tim will get back to you about signing up.

Guitar Lessons

The group guitar classes at SMI are designed to accommodate a wide variety of interest levels and abilities. See our checklist below for a complete description of each level's teaching topics. Students are provided an opportunity to move at their own pace, and can move more quickly or slowly than the class as a whole yet still participate in group exercises and songs in a way that is challenging to them individually.

- Never played before?

We have two teachers currently offering our Intro to Guitar (1a) class: Peter Block and Russ Pettit. Please take a few minutes to check out each teachers profile and you can fill out the Guitar 1a form to sign up. Please note - because of demand, there may be a need to assign you to a different teacher if the one you chose has already reached student capacity for the month.

- Have some playing experience?

For our Level 1b, 2 and 3 classes, please use this form to sign up with Peter Block.

Group Lesson Details and Explanation

The class structure is based on four levels of play ability. While every level but the first lasts more than 1 month, each level is designed so that any student that completes a given level can move up to the next during any month of the program; each month at a given level is independent of the others, and the only prerequisite for participating in that month is a firm grasp of the material presented in any lower levels.

Level 1a Class (Intro to Guitar) Class Topics (1 Month Cycle)

Level 1b Class Topics (2 Month Cycle)

Level 2 Class Topics (3 Month Cycle)

Level 3 Class Topics (4 Month Cycle)