Q: How do I sign up for Group Lessons?

There are three steps to signing up for Group Lessons:

  1. Contact your instructor. In the navigation above, under Lessons in the top bar, select the class you want in the drop-down under Group Signups. Fill out the form and click Submit. This will deliver your information to the appropriate instructor.

  2. Confirm your schedule. Once you have submitted your Contact Form, your instructor should reply within a few days to confirm your schedule.

  3. Fill out paperwork and pay for lessons. Visit the front counter in the Guitar Showcase Main Showroom anytime on or before your first lesson to fill out a short piece of paper confirming your contact and lesson info and signing acknowledgement of the SMI lesson terms. Any member of the Guitar Showcase staff can help you with this, and can also receive your lesson payment.

Q: How do I pay for my lessons?

Guitar Showcase now offers three methods of payment:

  1. Autobill – This is the recommended method for most students. There is no additional cost to sign up and you can discontinue at any time. Contact smi.admin@guitashowcase.com to sign up. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OVER EMAIL!

  2. Online Payment – you can now make one-time Secure Online Payment. Just scroll to the bottom of any page and click "Make a Payment" under "Services" and follow the prompts. Make sure to note the student and teacher’s names and the payment month in the comment field.

  3. In-store – as always, you can stop by the Main Showroom counter at Guitar Showcase to make your payment in person.

Q: What do I do with this "Free Lesson Certificate"?

If you have a Free Lesson Certificate, congratulations! – Your purchase of an instrument at Guitar Showcase has qualified you for a free month of group lessons!

Hang on to your Free Lesson Certificate until you have contacted your instructor and received confirmation of your schedule. Once your schedule is settled, bring your Free Lesson Certificate back into Guitar Showcase and redeem it with one of our staff at the counter to receive your free month’s lessons.

Q: I have been scheduled for Wednesdays at 6, but it turns out that I can't make it. Can I move to Thursdays at 5?

Contact your instructor in advance with any schedule change requests. Your instructor may be able to accommodate you, but class schedules are tight, so this cannot be guaranteed. We understand that things do come up, but please try to anticipate your availability through the month before you sign up to ensure that you will be able to attend all classes.

SMI will do its best to accommodate scheduling requests, but students are responsible for attending their lessons each month: there are no refunds for missed lessons or incomplete months.

Q: I filled out the online Group Lesson Contact Form – am I all signed up now?

The online Group Lesson Contact form does not complete your lesson enrollment. You must receive schedule confirmation from your teacher and make payment before your enrollment is final.

SMI is committed to providing at least a month of guitar instruction to all beginning students. Due to overwhelming demand early in the year, there is often a waiting list of people wanting to take lessons.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility!

Q: What will I learn in the SMI group guitar class?

You will learn all the fundamentals necessary to play any popular guitar style - rock, blues, alternative, metal, country, etc. You will learn to recognize and play sounds you hear on CD's and to play in a band and create your own parts that complement other instruments. You will take significant steps toward the ultimate goal of any musician - TO BE ABLE TO PLAY ANYTHING YOU CAN HEAR IN YOUR HEAD.

You will NOT be forced to learn a lot of music theory and music reading (at least not initially), nor will you be asked to play songs that are too heavy on the cheese factor. Most of the example songs used in the class were radio hits, and many are still heard daily on Pop, Modern, Jazz, Country and Rock stations.

You will learn the fastest ways to develop excellent right and left hand technique and to develop your ear so that you can easily recognize chords and intervals, and you will enjoy learning in a relaxed environment where you are free to move at your own pace.

Q: I'm going to be on vacation for two weeks - can I just pay for half of the month?

Unfortunately, there are no prorates on the group guitar classes. You can either take the entire month off or pick up the material for the classes you missed and try to catch up.

Be aware that if you are in a class that only has a few people and you take off for a month you may return to find the class has been canceled and replaced by a beginner class. SMI requires a minimum number of students in order to justify having a class at all.

Q: Do I have to read music in the class?

No. Music reading is minimized to great extent initially, and then is only introduced when it is absolutely necessary to progress to the next level. Beginning students will be relying heavily on their ears early on, and will find that they can easily play all kinds of songs without any knowledge of music reading or theory. Theory and Tabulature/Standard Notation begin to be introduced in the more advanced classes, but private lessons are the best way to develop your reading skills.

Q: Can I take a month off from lessons?

You may certainly take one or more months off, but you may want to be aware of the following issues: