Band Showcase

Take your performance skills to the next level!

Choose Your Favorite Songs To Play!

Perform for a live audience at a local venue!

Be in a Band!


Band Showcase is a fun and creative environment in which students learn the art of ensemble playing and performance. Students are put into groups according to their musical interests and prepare music for a public performance.

Our instruction focuses on:

  • Team building skills
  • Music theory
  • General instrument technique
  • Improvisation
  • Promoting love for music as an art form

This new program is open to anyone who would like to transition from just playing to actually being in a band!

The SMI Band Showcase program is an 8 week program with a performance at a local venue on week 9.

There is one 2 hour rehearsal per week.

How it Works:

Students are evaluated by the instructor and placed into bands based on their age, musical skill, musical interest, and time availability.

Each student selects three songs they'd like to play. With guidance from the instructor, the band votes to decide their top 3 favorite songs.

The band will rehearse these 3 songs to perform on week 9.

A Band Showcase instructor is at every rehearsal and performance to provide musical and performance instruction, as well as the music for the songs selected by that band to perform. Rehearsals are conducted in the SMI workshop room located at Guitar Showcase.

Guitar, bass and keyboard Amps, Drums, and P.A. are provided for the rehearsals, students should bring their own guitars, basses, keyboards, mics, cables, drum sticks, and accessories.


$395 per 9 week session

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Beginners, inquire about additional private lessons with the SMI staff

For more info call Dave at Guitar Showcase



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