How to Rent

We make renting easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Got a big gig coming up that will require extra power to pull it off?

Need some extra gear to make your studio project happen?

Taking up a new instrument and not sure if you want to commit to buying just yet?

Considering purchasing a new piece of gear, but want to try it in the field first?

Want to keep in practice while in town for just a short while?


Renting may be the best solution for you!

Guitar Showcase carries a full range of musical rentals at the lowest prices in the Bay Area. From sound reinforcement to recording equipment; professional audio to lighting; guitar, keyboard, drums, to brass and wind instruments, the Swap Shop Rental Department has what you need. Rent for one night, for the weekend, for the week or longer: most gear is priced on a scale - daily rates decrease as the term increases.

Take advantage of our student rates! Guitars, drums, keyboards, band instruments and more are priced for you starting at just $25 per month.

New to all this? Feel like you're getting in over your head? Not to worry - our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you rent the right gear to fit your needs; and of course, if you have a problem in the field, we are just a phone call away.

Gear tends to book up quickly, so be sure to make your reservation early!